Benefits of 2012 - The Year of Project Enoch?


A Preview of the Vast Number of Insights For
You To Make Your Own Personal Decision on The Evidence.

You will have 100% full access to the complete history of doomsday predictions that have ever been made throughout the centuries.  From as early as AD40 up until 2047. A Truly incredible wealth of information for any serious researcher. (Part 1: Page 19)
What is the link between the alien agenda, Project Enoch and Revelation 9 (Part 2: Page 80)
Whilst many crop circle manifestations are hoaxes, which crop circle manifestation over 10 years ago could not have been a hoax and provided an encoded message regarding 2012 when everyone was talking about the year 2000 (Part 1: Page 115)
Which museum houses huge metal double axes over 10 feet tall which which were recovered from archaeological findings? What is the significance of these axes in the understanding of 2012, the Mayan and Sumerians civilizations and their beliefs about the origins of man? (Part 2: Page 78)

Why are there so many conflicting opinions coming out of NASA regarding Planet X? (Part 1:Page 86)

Which secret project previously been put together to address the possible civil unrest caused by apocalyptic doomsday beliefs, will no doubt raise its head again as we approach the last quarter of 2012? (Part 2: Page 107)
How does the merging of Occult Science and Advanced Technology create Electronic Sorcery, one of the most dangerous aspects of the Project Enoch formula? (Part 2: Page 124)
Many 2012 opponents claim that the Mayans never said 2012 would be the end of the world. Yet Read an interview with one of top Mayan Leaders and hear from his own lips what he believes! (Part 1: 67)
Why do the occult sciences place such a special emphasis on the North and South Poles? (Part 1: Page 108)
Is There a Link between Revelation 16 and a coming Comet Strike in 2012? (Part 1: 98)
Who are the Ascended Masters and what is their ultimate objective? (Part 2: Page 20 )
In what way is the Externalisation of the Hierarchy a blueprint to undermine Christianity, Islam and Judaism and Why? (Part 2: Page 17)
Learn about the symbolic link between the "spiral tower" and the use of vortex leylines (Part 2: Page 104)
The beliefs of the Council of Nine in their very own words (Part 2: 34)
Why is the Manchurian Candidate as real possibility with advanced technology today (Part 2: Page 78)

And Much More...............................

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